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The reports and comments on this site are currently written by Keith Goode.

ERA’s reports mainly cover precious and base metals companies where anyone can see what the price of the product is, with the majority being gold companies, followed by nickel companies.

The reports are paid for by the company concerned and email distributed free. However, we only do them if we like the management (70%), project (20%) and country (10%) for which you need about 90% in each category.

Sites are visited in order to write a report, and typically a week is spent with a company and then it is written up in the following 2 to 3 weeks, with excel modeling where required slowing the report's timing. Report sizes are typically 6 to 12 pages.

Jul 2017 - Drones are Coming

Drones Transforming Exploration Mapping

Many of us have seen the videos taken by drones of mine and exploration properties presented at conferences in about the past two years by companies such as Carbine (CRB) etc, however in mid-June I saw the next stage, namely that of mapping being used by Alto Metals (AME) at their almost wholly owned Sandstone goldfield in WA.

Jul 2017 - Read Old Workings

Learning how to Read Old Workings

As the Australian gold mining industry passes through another phase of goldfield revival, I continue to be amazed that many do not seem able to read the old workings, but have to admit that I have never seen a course on that subject.

Sep 2016 - Valhalla?

Woods Point is not Valhalla

In reply to a broker that ERA's next report was to be on Morning Star at Woods Pont, he remarked "oh no, not Walhalla, if you are talking about Walhalla then the gold market has to have peaked, no one has made money out of Victoria for many years". Yes the gold market was at a peak, but not necessarily for that reason.

Aug 2016 - Buyer or Finder?

Buyer or Finder?

Delta Gold (DGD) was a classic finder, eg Granny Smith, Kanowna Belle, Wallaby, and the Zimbabwean Great Dyke. One of the  Delta geos (Alastair Cowden), then went on to discover the Nimbus silver mine under Archaean, next to Kalgoorlie (now owned by MRP) and establish Vulcan (VCN) and then Altona adjacent to Outokumpu in Finland, and is now developing Little Eva near Cloncurry in Queensland, and interestingly VCN once held the Lords prospects' tenement (Lord Henry and Lord Nelson) at Sandstone; while another DGD geo discovered Nimary when he was with Eagle Mining.